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Hey everyone, it’s and we want to invite you to an exclusive free webinar with Sam Ovens.

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator is the Best Sam Ovens Quantum Mastermind.

On this free webinar, we will  have Sam Ovens show you how he started his consulting business from scratch and then grew it to the point right now where he’s making more than $20,000,000 per year with it.

The Sam Ovens Sam Ovens Quantum Mastermind: Consulting Accelerator at first Glance

AvgConsultant is going to turn it over to Sam Ovens so he can teach you a bit about the program and what to expect. Also, everything about business consulting will be debunked for you.

So on this webinar, I’m going to show you exactly how I did that and I’m going to explain the process and the evolution that I went through to achieve that goal and that transformation.

What you can do to start a Consulting Business from Scratch:

But most importantly, I’m going to show you how you can start your very own wildly profitable consulting business from scratch and then actually get clients, be able to provide value to them, and get paid in return.

And I’m gonna show you how to do all of this regardless of the experience that you have, the skills that you have, or any of your background knowledge or any of that.

So it’s not like you need to be a Harvard MBA or even have any college degree at all.

This webinar is gonna show you how you can start your own consulting business from scratch and actually turn it into a viable career option and make a lot of money with it.

That’s why the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator is so vital. It’s for everyone.

So this Consulting Accelerator webinar is really for two types of people.

The first is people who know nothing about business, nothing about consulting, and they’re really not exposed to the world of entrepreneurship or business at all.

So if that’s you, this webinar is going to show you how you can go from scratch to starting your own consulting business, getting clients, and making money very quickly. So if that’s you, that’s what this webinar’s gonna show you how to do.

The other group of people are people who already have established an existing consulting or coaching businesses.

Sam Ovens Brings You Knowledge

And if that’s you, this webinar is really going to show you how to systemize everything, how to make things predictable, and how to really take things up to that next level where you can escape the deadly time trade of money and done for you services which absolutely weigh you down and plague the existence of running and operating your consulting business.

So if you fall into any of those two categories, this Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Sam Ovens Quantum Mastermind  is based on this webinar.

It’s made for you and you’re really going to enjoy the things which we cover in here and you’re gonna be able to take a lot of value from it.

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator: Where did it Get Started?

So if you’re not familiar with my story, I got started completely broke, working out of my parents’ garage in New Zealand.

I listened to the traditional advice that everyone gives and they say, you know, go to college and then get a corporate job and then work for the rest of your life, buy a house and stuff, right?

So I listened to that advice.

And then I ended up in my corporate job. And then I just looked around and I was like “Is this it? “Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like?” And then I thought, where did I go wrong?

I listened to what everybody said.

How could everybody be wrong?

And this really brought me into questioning everything. I started questioning my choices.

I started questioning why I had a job and why I wasn’t doing something else.

And these questions really led me to start quitting my job, dropping out of college, moving back home with my parents into the garage, and starting my own consulting business.

And my first year of running my consulting business went horribly wrong. I made no money, I burned myself out, and I made pretty much every mistake that someone could possibly make.

And it was a very dark and troubled time of my career. I didn’t have any Sam Ovens Quantum Mastermind.

However, this pain and the suffering, it led me to really discovering a few key things and really cracking the code to how to start a consulting business from scratch.

You Need to Accelerate Your Business By Learning From Your Mistakes: Sam Explains

And as I started to learn these things and apply them, my life and my business transformed exponentially. Now the first year I was in consulting, I made nothing.

I was broke, living at home in my parents’ garage. But the first year I really figured things out, made $100,000. The second, I made 500,000.

The third, 1. 2 million. The fourth, 2. 4 million. Then in the fifth, over $18,000,000. More than that, I was able to start teaching other people how to start their own consulting businesses.

Why Would You Need a Consulting Coach?

And I decided to, you know, start teaching these people and their results were amazing. Since I’ve started teaching people how to do this and how to start consulting businesses, I’ve helped create more than 21 millionaires.

I’ve helped over 451 people start six-figure consulting businesses, and I’ve helped more than 3,000 people from all around the world quit their jobs and start consulting businesses of their own.

So when I tell you that, you know, I know how to start my own consulting business, I really mean it and I have the track record and the case studies and the client results to really prove that.

So this webinar is really gonna show you the methods that not only I went through but my students went through to achieve these profound life-changing results that you’ll be able to see if you look at the reviews below.

And more than that, I was able to buy the domain name consulting.Com and actually start an e-learning business which has now really taken off and it’s helping thousands of people all over the world quit the traditional path of working a nine to five job and pretty much being a slave to the system and really start their own consulting business and create a lot of freedom and wealth with that instead.

What to Expect in the Consulting Accelerator Webinar?

So this webinar is gonna show you exactly how to do that, how I was able to do it, and how thousands of others were able to do it too.

Now on this webinar, we’re gonna cover three key things. And these three things you will not have heard anywhere else.

Because right now, if I look out my window and I really look at the advice that most people are just shoving down everyone’s throats right now, it’s really disturbing. You know, most people right no ware giving the wrong advice.

They’re telling people to do the wrong things.

And this webinar is really gonna debunk a lot of those myths and it’s really gonna provide some advice that you’re gonna be able to use and take away so that you can start your own own consulting business.

Now here’s the three things.

Number one is I’m gonna show you how to pick your niche and craft an offer that actually provides value to people.

So right now in the consulting industry, I see a huge problem that’s plaguing everyone and it’s widespread.

And that’s generalism. You know, most people are generalists. They’re trying to do everything for everyone at any price.

And this isn’t a consultant, this isn’t even a business owner.

You know, this is a glorified human body for hire at a negotiable rate. And I’m sorry if that’s you, but that’s not the way to run a business.

And the correct way to run a consulting business is to pick a niche.

You know, pick a group of people that you can thoroughly understand and then understand what makes them tick and step in and be a provider of value to those people.

And this webinar is gonna show you how to really pick your niche, find out what makes them tick, find out what their paying points are, and then step in as a provider of value and as a provider of transformation to help these people.

Three Steps that Consulting Accelerator Addresses For You

So there’s number one. Number two. And this is pretty different. You probably haven’t heard this anywhere else, but the second point I’m gonna cover is how to become a different person.

And so this isn’t even really business advice but if you were to ask me in my story and in my evolution of going from someone who was completely broke, clueless, in their parents’ garage in New Zealand to the point where I am now where I own consulting.Com and we’re making more than 20,000,000 a year, the one thing that’s really made the most profound change is becoming a new person.

And what I mean by that is, you know, most people are limited by the character which they have defined for themselves.

So most people have this thing which they call me or their self.

And whatever this thing is and whatever you’ve defined it as, that is the really the cage which you’ve put yourself in.

So a lot of people think “Oh, I can’t start a business” or “I can’t start a consulting business” and so they don’t even try because that’s not them.

The Truth About Starting Your Own Consulting Business

But the truth is that that’s just a myth. You know, being yourself is a myth. And really, what this webinar’s gonna show you how to do is it’s gonna show you how to escape the shackles of being yourself and really design a new character capable of achieving the things that you want in your life and really how to transcend yourself and grow into this new person and achieve the success and the life that you want.

So there’s number two.

Now number three is I’m gonna show you the exact process that I am using right now in my consulting business to take absolute total strangers to high paying consulting clients with one phone call.

So on this webinar, I’m gonna show you the exact method, which involves Facebook ads. I’m gonna pull back the curtain and explain everything about that.

Sales Funnels and the Consulting Accelerator

It also involves a simple funnel. And I’m gonna pull back the curtain and explain all of that. I’m even gonna give you the templates and swipe files for that.

And I’m even gonna show you the sales script which I use. So I’ve done over 3,000 sales calls, I’ve recorded them all, I transcribed them, andI’ve really studied this and I really turned it into a science and an obsession until I figured out really what is the process that we can go through and take people through to convert them from a total stranger to a high paying client with one phone call.

And on this webinar, I’m gonna show you all of that. I’m gonna pull back the curtain, show you how we’re doing the Facebook ads, show you the funnel, give you the templates and everything, and even introduce you to my sales script.

Consulting Accelerator Sales Script: By Sam Ovens Made for You!

So this webinar is of insane value compared to everything else that you’ve probably seen out there.

I spent more than a month creating the content for this webinar and you’re really going to like what you’ve got to see.

So what I encourage you to do right now is just click the butt onto the right hand side and register for the webinar right now.

We’ve got a couple of times this week and you should be able to, one of them should work for you.

Find the time that works for you, register, lock it in, and secure your seat. And then you can show up to this webinar, I’m gonna share with you all of these things.

Since I’ve started teaching people, like I’ve said, we have created 21 millionaires from this training.

We have also helped more than451 people get to six figures and over 3,100 or 3,200people have been able to quit their jobs because of this training. So this training is the real deal, I’ve got the case studies to back it up. You can listen to their words, not mine.

And what I encourage you to do right now is click that green button to the right, register for the webinar, lock in a time, and I look-forward to seeing you there and I look forward to presenting this stuff to you and also giving you this Consulting Webinar Workbook.

Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Review Sam Ovens Quantum Mastermind:

Sammy Nestico Mindset, beliefs, worldviews, paradigms and identities.How important are these concepts when it comes to living a happy and successful life?Should We Have An Identity?If someone were to ask you “Who are you?”, what would you say?Apart from your name, we are likely to talk about the roles that we play in society, in our family, in our job and the hobbies we have.We might go even a little bit deeper and talk about our core personality traits, the ones that really define our character.The problem with these definitions is that as circumstances change, our identity changes as well.We lose our job, our hobbies change, our values change or we might ask ourselves at some point “Is that all that I am?”Many spiritual teachings have a clear answer to that question.You aren’t anything. The self does not exist, it is just a projection of your mind, made up of stories and labels.Eckhart Tolle recounts in “A New Earth” that he congratulates people when they say “I don’t know who I am anymore…”He says that once we let go of the need to define ourselves, we get a sense of peace.“Give up defining yourself. You won’t die. You’ll come to life.Defining yourself by thought is limiting yourself.”Human Being vs. Human BecomingA common thing people say at this point is:“But I need some direction, I need to have something that I stand for, that I strive for, otherwise I have no clue what I’m doing.”The key differentiation we have to make is that it’s not about who we are right now, but who we are living up to be.As we choose our habits to cast votes for a certain type of identity, we are also choosing what personality traits we want to strengthen to live and be like the person we want to be.The question really should not be “Who am I?” but “Who am I becoming?”.Nothing in this world is static. The only constant is change.Even our cells in our body are renewing constantly.Not only our body but also who we are cannot be static. We cannot pin it down because it is in a constant flux of change.What we are is work in progress.And if you want to define yourself, don’t do it in who you are right now, but in who you are becoming.Have a vision of a better version of yourself in five years. Take it as an inspiration. Design it and grow into it by living in line with that new version every day.The Static SelfThis is the key distinction. Instead of thinking of our selves as static and think we cannot change, we should see ourselves as ever changing and becoming new things.from “Consulting Accelerator” by Sam OvensThe Becoming Selffrom “Consulting Accelerator” by Sam OvensIt is totally fine to not know who you are now, but it is helpful to know who you want to be and who you are becoming.We are not human beings. We are human becomings.Fixed vs. Growth MindsetIf we have the mindset that our self is static and that our identity is fixed, that we are born with certain qualities and cannot change, then it is very unlikely that we achieve what we want in life.We will always have a gap between our current self and our desired self.This gap will cause us frustration and regret.In her book “Mindset” Carol Dweck explains that people tend to have either a fixed or a growth mindset.A fixed mindset is in line with the belief that our self is static. A growth mindset is in line with the belief that our self is everchanging, that we are able to change and become someone else.Studies conducted on high-school students indicate that establishing a growth mindset in students might increase their performance levels and earning potential.Regardless of genetic capabilities, having a mindset that we can change and improve our abilities seems to be the foundation to put in the work to achieve success.How Mindset Shifts WorkJames Clear gives a great analogy of what is necessary to shift from a fixed to a growth mindset.He says that these “mindset interventions” only work when the resources are there first.They can be compared to a light switch. It only works when the wires are there first. Then you touch the switch and the light turns on.The same thing is true for mindset shifts.The students in the studies first had to watch videos of other students struggling and managing to get ahead.This allowed them to realize that there was the potential for growth and that they had the resources to achieve it as well.This is when the mindset shift took place.So we need to realize that change is possible.The Scale In Our MindIf we look at how we establish beliefs about what is good or bad, right or wrong as well as possible and impossible, a great analogy is the one of a scale.Our mind tends to think in dual poles, black and white, up and down, good or bad. Everything has an opposite. This is how we categorize things and establish beliefs.The same is true for our mindset and beliefs about ourselves.If we think we are not good enough, it is because we accumulated (mostly irrational) evidence in the past, that give us the sign that we cannot do something.This is basically stacking rocks on one side of the scale.from “Consulting Accelerator” by Sam OvensIf our negative experiences outweigh our positive, we tend to have a fixed mindset or even limiting beliefs about ourselves. This is what makes us insecure.What can we do to improve our mindset?We need to stack rocks on the other side of the scale.We need small wins that build up confidence and give us evidence for the beliefs we want to have.These wins come from small habits and can thus change our identity.Be Aware Of The Confirmation BiasWhy is it so important to go into new situations with a helpful belief system?Because of the confirmation bias.It states that our brain adjusts our selective perception in such a way that we only seek out evidence that supports our existing belief.If you think you are dumb, you will only notice people that give you signals that confirm that belief and ignore all people that tell you otherwise.This is the reason why conspiracy theories are so difficult to get rid of.Because once you believe that the theory is true, you only react to more evidence that proofs your theory and you ignore evidence that says otherwise.Making Reality Work In Your FavorSo in a sense, what we perceive as the truth, and thus as reality, depends on our preexisting beliefs.Think about it. This is a powerful statement.We don’t perceive reality as it is out there. We don’t see radiation. We don’t see particles, different spectrums of light or vibrations.We see reality in the way our senses allow us to interpret it. And that is shaped by evolutionary psychology.So, the human mind is an algorithm that perceives reality in a way that is best fitted for survival and in line with evolution.Reality is not as fixed as we used to think.Keeping in mind our confirmation bias, we could say that our reality depends on our method of questioning.What are we assuming to be the case, influences the actual way we see reality.The hypothesis with which we go into a situation influences the outcome of the situation and thus our reality. This is the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy.Sam Ovens summarizes it perfectly with the following chart:from “Consulting Accelerator” by Sam OvensAsk yourself:With what hypothesis or assumption am I going forward in life?What beliefs do I have about myself and about who I am becoming?If your beliefs are not serving you, choose empowering beliefs, so that you can take action in line with these beliefs and let them come true.Go into each situation with the right belief and a helpful hypothesis.Then let the self-fulfilling prophecy work in your favor.Be Open To ChangeThe first step to improve your mindset is to allow for the possibility that it might be possible that you can change your mindset and beliefs.You might ask yourself:“How can you be open to that if I currently think it is not possible?As in the study of the high school students, you need to get evidence that it is possible because many others have done it too.Look at people who changed their mindset and became successful.Who despite bad circumstances and low confidence turned their life around and made it.Of course, if you are convinced that change is not possible and that was all luck, then your confirmation bias will make you seek out evidence that supports that belief.How To Get StartedThe first thing is that you have to make a decision.Step 1:You have to decide that you will be open to the idea that change is possible.That you will allow yourself to be surprised.Step 2:Surround yourself with people that have the helpful mindset that you want to have too.Live with them, work with them, go to networking events, seminars, become friends with them, hire them as your mentor.Step 3:Take action to accumulate small wins that stack rocks as evidence on the correct side of your scale.Keep in mind to do what’s at the edge of your current ability.James Clear calls that the “Goldilocks” rule, to do something that is neither too easy, nor too difficult, but right at the edge of your current ability.This is the prerequisite for the “flow state”.It will challenge you and give you a small win without overwhelming you.This way you are building up self-trust and your new beliefs about who you are becoming.Move your beliefs about what is possible forward one step at a time.The scale does not suddenly shift. You stack one new rock at a time. You accumulate one new win at a time.This will change your mindset and beliefs about what is possible. One step at a time.What will it be for you?Talk to one stranger every day?Reaching out to three potential clients every day?Recording one short vlog every day?Implement small habits that over time will change how you see yourself and the world.Which habit are you going to start with?Need some inspiration?I’ve put together my personal top three habits in a little e-book.They will make you make you become calmer, more focused and allow you to feel more at peace.Get the habits here!

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